Doctor forced to pay 584.400 € for the death of a 32 years old pregnant.

According to the case, the unlucky mother went to a private clinic towards the end of July 2001, aged 32, accompanied by her husband to give birth to her third child.

Noting that the probable date of occurrence of normal childbirth had already elapsed and the woman stood in extension of 4-5 days.The doctor who took care of her granted her a vaginal tablet of prostagladine to induce artificial birth of sorrows and allowed her to go home at her village and return after the beginning of throes of childbirth.

The same day the throes started and the woman, accompanied by her husband arrived at the clinic, where she was received by the nurse and after authorization she was granted an injection of Buscopan, and an 1,000 ml desctrose serum was placed by the anesthesiologist, then the doctor who took care of her arrived.

However, the health condition of the woman deteriorated rapidly after it began to show marked shortness of breath, cyanosis and spasms of her mouth muscles.Despite the efforts of doctor who with the assistance of the anesthesiologist and the obstetrician of the clinic gave her oxygen, the situation did not reverse and she was transported to the operating room of the clinic. Her situation deteriorated and started having non-measurable blood pressure.

So, due to the critical situation she was transported to the General Hospital of Karditsa, where she was declared dead.

As it turned out, the death was caused by a shock, due to internal bleeding as a result of detachment of the placenta manifested able time before she fell into coma which was not diagnosed by the treating physician and addressed in a timely manner.

So, the obstetrician was the cause of death of the woman, because of " lack of attention, which was required by the circumstances and could pay as an average conscientious practitioner of the specialty that acts under the same circumstances and in violation of the precepts of medical science and experience, while the woman had received a vaginal tablet prostagladine to induce artificial birth of throes of childbirth, which creates contractions in the womb, allowed her to leave for her house in the mountain village, located 35 km from Karditsa".

Further, while the woman, who had experience, due to her previous two deliveries, initially protested when she was first examined by the disputed doctor, for intense and persistent pains in the abdomen, different from the other two births and later when he examined her for a second time, in addition to shortness of breath and numbness in the hands, anxiously and persistently asking for his help, he took no heed of the protests and did not carry out a thorough and careful examination of this using all appropriate diagnostic means for the occasion".

That doctor, according to the Court's decision, despite the existence of more worrying symptoms, he has not cared to take care by himself with due attention to the evolution of the situation, but left her under the supervision of a nurse, which was not a midwife and had no special knowledge to this end ".



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