What makes us different!

Consequences of accidents can be serious; they can even lead to death. Managing these consequences

is a complicated matter that includes the optimal restoration of damage of the victim, the support of the family and the satisfaction for every damage, taking into account all sorts of future impacts.

All Accidents is the company that gives access to the most Comprehensive,Specialized, Multi-disciplinary Support to victims of accidents


It has reputable experts in legal, medical, insurance and technical issues and is always people-centered!

All Accidents constitutes an innovative approach because it is the only company that combines Medical and Technical approach to ensure total supprt of the accident:

a) It offers support services in connection with the optimal restoration of health:

i. continuous monitoring of the medical evolution of the victim in direct contact with the physicians caring for the patient

ii. examination by a coroner to report the medical status and condition of the victim

b) It provides research and documents the actual conditions of the accident by specialized partners

c) In collaboration with all necessary experts supports the claim of every material and  moral damage caused.

All Accidents always strives for the best interests of the victim, raising its voice and deploying its specialists in accident management.

All Accidents fully complies with the rules and principles of medical and expert ethics and transparency.

It communicates directly, not using intermediaries to approach the victims, clearly informs of the potential of each case and encourages them to receive an estimate of the combined support they can have in medical and technical  terms, without any commitment or any cost from the side of the victim.

We operate under the principle of payNOfee®: there is no fee or expenses to be paid during our initial examination of your case. Actually, you can even pay us at the final settlement of your claim!! Find out more here.

All Accidents manages accidents of any nature (e.g. traffic, vacation, work, by defective products, from poor services, from medical error, sports or animal bites).

The character of the company is fully  scientific and combative but remains friendly, approachable,  always people-centered and caring for the victim and the relatives.

All Accidents has the ability to handle cases of accidents in English or/and any other language required.

From the first moment of our cooperation a partner is appointed offering direct access at any time, for  support and communication.

Our philosophy is to offer more and therefore you can claim more:

Our associates have many years of experience in accident management having been engaged in hundreds of cases and in addition our physicians have screened specialists across Greece.Apart from the specialized support in a court they can advise or undertake the restoration of damage. Part of the cooperation with us is the continuous advisory/monitoring of the medical evolution of the victim in direct contact with the caring and rehabilitation physicians.

Whatever the case of an accident that you may be involved in you can call today at +30 210 7212175 or +306983 077459 for a professional advice


Don't waste time that could be crucial to your claim!
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