The cooperation with us

From the very first moment of our cooperation, a competent partner is appointed, depending on the nature of the issue to be investigated, to whom you have access at all times for support and communication.
Our philosophy is to offer more, so that you can have a full view and understanding of the causes of the accident in order to better serve your interests.
We have and manage expert witnesses and technical consultants who have decades of experience in the full range of accidents, from medical malpractice and car accidents to industrial accidents and falls. This long experience, knowledge and contacts result in an excellent combination of medical knowledge and technical documentation and is crucial to the legal management of the case, in court and out of court. An important part of working with us, however, is the ongoing consultation/monitoring of the patient's medical progress in direct contact with rehabilitation doctors. We treat the accident comprehensively!
In addition, our partner doctors have selected a network of associates throughout the country and know which external specialists can provide expert support in a court of law. 
If you are unable to move due to an accident, All Accidents associates can, after our initial telephone contact, meet you directly at the location you indicate.

Necessary steps

If you believe that a case of medical malpractice is substantiated you must:
a) request the medical documents relevant to your case. Collect opinions, examinations, prescriptions and anything relevant.
b) document with photographs or video the injury you suffered. We will need to define it later, with the help of our experts and alignment with the legal team.
c) talk to your doctor and try to understand how he/she sees the situation. Each doctor has a duty to explain to you simply and clearly what he or she diagnosed, what steps he or she took and how he or she considers the outcome.
This discussion will allow you to soberly assess whether you have a basis for a claim or whether what happened was within the bounds of a prudent medical response.
d) if you consider that there is medical error to some extent then:
   record the facts; and
   contact us as soon as possible to discuss your case
e) we will bring in the experts who will determine whether there is indeed a basis or your case is bordering on moot.
Our philosophy is to be combative yet completely honest!
Call us today at 210 7212175 or 6983 077459 for a professional consultation or for any question you may have.
Don't waste time that could be crucial to your claim!
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